• Promote the issues related to the enhancement of the status of women, girls and gender issues.

  • Promote the integration of women’s needs and interests and mainstreaming of gender issues;

  • Promote the empowerment of women;

  • Promote women’s rights as human rights;

  • Raise the awareness of the contribution of women and problems faced by women including the recognition and value of unwaged work;

  • Promote women’s needs, interests, and concerns in the wider spectrum of economic and social development and address both the practical and strategic needs of women.

  • Educate and monitor employees and the public on desirable employment

  • Monitor compliance and make recommendations for the compliance with international instruments to which the Government

  • Evaluate any system of personal family law, customs and practices or any law likely to affect gender equality or the status of women and make recommendations to the National Assembly;

  • Recommend and promote the implementation of legislation and the formulation of policies and measures so as to enhance and protect the status of women;

  • Promote, initiate or cause to be carried out research and the creation of databases on women and gender related issues including those health, especially reproductive health, violence against women and the family, and their socio-economic and political status, as the Commission may deem relevant or as may be referred to it by the National Assembly;

  • Promote consultation and cooperation with women’s organisations in relation to decision making that affects the lives of women;

  • Recommend training and technical assistance to support initiatives by and for women and girls; and

  • Promote the participation of women in national decision-making.

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